There are so many people who have been an enormous help when creating A Positive From A Negative.

To those who have participated in this project:

Stefanie, Tracey, Felicia, Chris, John S., Kara, Emile, Sheri, Jon I., John B., and Sam.
Thank you all for taking a chance on me with this project. You all were part of it since the beginning and have provided me much support over the past few years.

Diana, Marli, Chris, Victoria, Madi, Ashley, Dwayne, Rachel N., Suzy, Mikayla, Heather, Andrew, Cecile, Mike, Lucie, Randy, Liane, Kayley, Kyle, Twyla, Barbara, Jill, Matt, Katie, and Rachel C.
It was such a pleasure to meet all of you this past year during my travels. Each of you contributed so much to this project with your stories and ideas. This project lives through your words and your advocacy.

To my friends and family:

Your support means the world to me. You all pushed me to chase my ideas and dreams of building this project as an online community. You each helped in whatever way you could, whether it was passing on the message about the project to your friends, listen to me as I developed my idea, or just be there when I needed a hug and encouragement to keep moving forward. You all believed I could do it before I knew I could.
(Special shout out to Roisin who spent those two months with me in a car)

To my classmates and the faculty at Ryerson:

The safe space you gave me to develop and pursue this project helped contribute to it’s success. I had so many creative minds to confide in and seek guidance as I expanded the project into what it is now. I feel very lucky to have had the time to learn from each and every one of you.

To those who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign for the project and those who gave us a place to stay along our way last summer:

Thank you for all your help. Every thing you did to support this project and myself helped it succeed.



In loving memory of
Kathleen Brannigan